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Feel Good, Look Fit, and Learn Self-Defense

Give Your Kids A Head Start Over Other Kids

The Goju Ryu Martial Arts System for children is easy to learn and fun, making it perfect for children to learn valuable lessons for life. Karate is an individual activity, unlike team sports everyone participates.

Create More Long-Term Functionality in Your Life

It is not uncommon to see martial artists in their 70s and beyond perform difficult karate movements with the same strength, flexibility, mobility, and vitality of young people half their age. Consider this program for you.              

Master Instruction

Our dojo is unique in the area because we provide Master level instruction and senior high level Instructor certified by USA National Karate Federation, the Japan Karate Federation Goju Kai and Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate do Kyo Kai.

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Karate For Adults

Gain Mental Clarity, Strength, Mobility, Family Activity, Self Defense.

Explore a life-changing experience that challenges and improves the mind, body, and spirit.

Karate For Kids

Build Confidence, Find Inner Strength, Improve Focus, Learn Self-Discipline.

Start your young journey to increase discipline, confidence, and self-defense


A black belt is a milestone on the road to personal, spiritual , and mental enlightenment.

Discipline, Confidence, and Self-Defense

What Our Students Say

The positive, encouraging environment at this school also has helped Sarah, who has always been a shy and cautious child, to open up and develop a genuine interest/greater confidence towards physical activities and exercises.

Winnie Sim

"Super Picky Mom"

If your goal as a parent is for your child to learn martial arts the right way then this will be the dojo for you, my time has been well spent.

Hazel Hall


Our daughter has learned that hard work yields positive results which boosted her self-esteem and confidence level.

Casie Pham Kormen

Feel Good, Look Fit, and Learn Self-Defense

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