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We have been under Ramon Veras Sensei for approximately six years now. Sensei Veras has been a major role on Ernie and Jose Luis and continue to be under his guidance and advise. I strongly recommend Traditional Karate Center and staff in Sugarland Texas for martial arts training the very best.

Alonzo Salinas

Traditional Karate Center is the only authentic traditional karate in Sugar Land. I have done my research before coming here seven years ago. My daughter was 5 years old then now she is 12 years old. I have seen her blossom into a karateka with the guidance and mentorship of Sensei Ramon Veras, Sensei Nizar, Sensei Nathan, and Sensei Cassie. We consider this as our second home and all the Sensei our family. The quality of teaching was so exceptional that my entire family have joined in the class. The quality of training you will have here is the same quality of training you will get if you go to Japan.

Jaime-Jam Lopez

Traditional Karate Center is one of the top most traditional and professional karate school in the area. Sensei Ramon Veras is highly experienced karate instructor with excellent karate skills and I strongly recommend this karate dojo.

Senthil Thiyagarajan

President, Texas Sport Karate Federation

Senthil Thiyagarajan

Best karate dojo in Sugar Land. Great atmosphere for learning, great camaraderie among students and awesome sensei and sempais!

Francisco Ruiz

Very nice place and real training!!! Highly recommended!!!!

Oscar Jimenez

Mr Veras is an awesome instructor for kids, young adults, and adults,...I would highly recommend this karate school to anyone.

Alicia Sanchez

I have been looking for a traditional karate school near my area for over a year now with no luck. I was about give up when recently I found and joined sensei Veras traditional karate center in sugar land. This dojo is exactly what I was looking for. Not only they have an excellent instruction by sensei Ramon Veras and his team but also the school is directly linked to Okinawa, Japan (something that is uncommon to find nowadays). I would highly recommend this dojo to anyone that wants to experience real traditional karate.

Francisco Montealegre

Sensei Ramon is the kind of instructor who stays 30 minutes after class on a Saturday to give personal attention and instruction to his newest students. He's a fantastic teacher, and I'm very glad a former student of his sent me down to Sugarland. I'll be studying under him for as long as he's teaching.

James Pennycuff

Sensei Ramon Veras is one of the best and most respected instructors in the martial arts. He has an incredible ability to get the very best out of his students. All of the instructors at Traditional Karate Center are very nice and caring. They teach with such enthusiasm and passion and treat everyone like family. I highly recommend Traditional Karate Center in Sugar Land, TX.

Rommel Gargoles

Best experiences that I ever had in martial arts happened here.

Joseph C. Faulk

Life Empowering Martial Arts in Sugar Land

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