Our classes cover a wide range of skill levels and all age groups. No matter what you're looking for - competitive competition level karate, improving your physical health and conditioning, boosting mental health, or something else - our classes will be able to provide you with exactly what you need. And a professional, giving you the best results every time, leads each class.


(Age: 4-16 years)

Children who sign up for Traditional Karate Center karate classes will be able to start learning life skills that will help them thrive throughout their life. Our courses teach self-esteem, self-confidence, discipline, and more. And if they decide that they want to go the next step and enter competitions, we provide fundamentals that will allow them to start competing while improving mental and physical health.

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(Age: 16+ years)

Our adult courses cover physical and mental wellness, giving you better self-esteem and discipline while also promoting better overall physical health. Plus, you are given the tools for self-defense that can keep you safe and can also enter competitions around the country if you want. You'll improve your life and your outlook as well as your physical health through our adult classes.

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Our Classes

  1. 1

    Warm-Up & Strengthening

    Every class begins with warm-up and strengthening exercises to keep our students fit, in shape, and healthy. The stronger you become, the better and more extensive your karate techniques will become.

  2. 2

    Training and Mastering

    This point of the class allows you to develop the techniques you've learned and perfect them. You'll improve your skills and your fitness during this part of the class.

  3. 3

    Learning New Techniques

    The last step in each class is the lesson. Here, your instructor will demonstrate new karate techniques and you will be able to practice them under their supervision.

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