Specialty Programs

  • Self-Defense Course

    Self Defense

    The need for self defense is growing amidst the rise in violence and bullying in schools. The focus of our self defense program is to empower individuals by learning the skills necessary  to assess,  avoid, deny and defend against dangerous situations, as well as avoiding bullying. The program is designed for individuals of all ages with or without prior training. We reinforce adopting a positive attitude, and teach basic to advanced proven and practical self defense techniques alongside essential life saving skills in combination with physical fitness. Specifically, you will learn:

    Essential Life Saving Skills:

    • Situational and environmental awareness
    • De-escalating threats
    • Avoid-ing confrontation
    • Deny-ing access to your location
    • Defend-ing yourself by any means necessary

    Self Defense Techniques: 

    • Pushing and pulling
    • Grabs and other holds
    • Bear hugs and Full Nelson
    • Chokes
    • Multiple and group attacks
    • Club and stick attacks
    • Knife attacks
    • Gun attacks

    Classes will be delivered using a mixed mode of discussion and practical application training.   Training will take the form of a class where basic warm up and warm down exercises will be done before and after the actual teaching of techniques.  Instruction will involve basic kicks, punches, defense against holds, locks, disarming weapon attacks, take down and submission techniques. Instruction will also include scenarios of de-escalating threats in addition to confidence building.

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